Amplify Impostors for Unity 3D

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Optimize with ease using next-generation Billboard Impostors.

Amplify Impostors

What exactly are Impostors? 

Impostors are camera facing quads, or simple polygonal shapes, that replace complex geometry at a distance by rendering a fake 360º 3D representation of the original asset that can either be baked in-editor or created at runtime. Our tool currently only provides the in-editor baked variant, realtime generation will be added soon.


Impostors, pre-baked or runtime, can be moved, rotated, scaled, receive and cast shadows, and even intersect with other objects or impostors. Impostors can be used directly with Unity’s LOD Group, third-party LOD systems, or by themselves – you can quickly adapt them to your pipeline, be it with existing or new projects.